Stimulate Your Mind With The Ever-Compelling Work of a Claim Researcher

Stimulate Your Mind With The Ever-Compelling Work of a Claim Researcher

While some people are satisfied working the usual 9-5, not all of us are happy with the drudgery of a menial office job or thankless sales role. Some of us—today so, more than ever—are increasingly dreaming of a career that reflects our personal values, while giving us the opportunity to work from home, choose our own hours, or perhaps even travel the world. If you are highly self driven and adept in commission only sales work, the role of a Claim Researcher at Lauth Investigations may be just the position you’ve been searching for.

Of course, having undertaken the sleuthing required to find your way here, you’ve already demonstrated one of the key qualities required for the role. Our Claim Researchers make it their mission to plunge into proactive investigation in order to unite lost assets with their rightful owners, which makes curiosity the order of the day. If the thought of such a rewarding endeavor appeals, read on to learn more.

The Unique Skill Set Mastered by a Claim Researcher

If you are the type of person who likes to dig beneath the surface and dive into the details, then a Claim Researcher job could well be your perfect fit. Those new to the role will learn how to conduct genealogy and historical research, successfully procure documents and certificates worldwide, and potentially seek out lost heirs around the globe. Such tasks require a keen and roving mind, a desire to problem solve, and the professionalism to work under the strictest of confidence.

Claim Researchers from Lauth Investigations have, since the division’s inception in 2013, successfully united rightful owners with $15M+ in lost assets. Not only that, but our 98% success rate can be attributed to the caliber of our Claim Researchers, and our dedication to train, empower, and support each member of our team so that they can uncover entire amounts, and change lives in the process. Lauth Investigations has so far worked with thousands of individuals and Fortune 500 Companies alike. In facilitating financial justice for all, we create meaningful career paths for those driven to have a real impact.

Why The World Needs Claim Researchers

You may be surprised to learn that there are currently tens of billions of dollars in unclaimed funds within the United States alone. While the offices and agencies that hold such sums  do their best to locate and return assets where possible, they simply lack the resources to manage the volume of assets presently adrift.

For commission only sales motivated Claim Researchers, sometimes clients come to us, and sometimes, we are able to go to them. Lauth Investigations have found that often individuals are not even aware that they may be entitled to unclaimed funds—providing us with the chance to unexpectedly transform their lives for the better. This aspect of the work, alongside the opportunity to grow and learn, is unquestionably what makes it such a uniquely rewarding pursuit. As one employee shared in their review of Lauth Investigations on GlassDoor: “The work is great and I have learned so much, but nothing beats a happy client.

Returning Lost Assets to Their Rightful Owners

A career as a Claim Researcher presents the opportunity to create the lifestyle you desire, while experiencing a new and exciting type of commission only sales role. While the Lauth Investigations head-quarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Claim Researchers enjoy the autonomy of being able to work remotely, setting their own schedule, and forging the work-life balance that they desire.

Meanwhile, the job also means entering a recession-proof market, performing stimulating investigations, and tapping into consistent earning potential. If you believe that you have the drive and discipline to master returning assets and engaging with clients through this important work, discover more about Careers at Lauth Investigation

Discover the Freedom of Working Remotely, Freely, and Independently as a Claim Researcher

Discover the Freedom of Working Remotely, Freely, and Independently as a Claim Researcher

Recent world events are motivating more people than ever to examine their lives, and reassess whether their life choices so far truly reflect their deeper values and identity. Those who might have spent a career without once veering from predefined rails are opening their eyes to the prospect of remote work, or the flexibility that comes with commission only sales roles. Meanwhile, many looking to take a leap onto a new professional path are aspiring towards jobs that hold meaning, feature a moral aspect, and impact the world in a positive way.

If you dream of a job title that will allow you the freedom to work remotely, setting your own schedule and independently getting things done, a Claim Researcher position at Lauth International Investigations should certainly be on your radar. Through this vital investigative work, we are able to transform the financial realities of clients for the better, boosting the American economy in the process. So, what is the role of a Claim Researcher, and how exactly do asset return investigations work?

What Is a Claim Researcher?
In 2012, Thomas and Rain Lauth were already busy at the helm of their Missing Persons and Corporate Investigations divisions. However, a startling discovery was about to add a new tangent to their shared trajectory. They came to realize that across the United States, a variety of entities were safeguarding tens of billions of dollars in lost assets. While these unclaimed funds should have been circulating within the economy and making people’s lives all the richer, the government agencies and offices in question fundamentally lacked the resources to trace every rightful claimant.

As the Lauths and their team learned more about this situation, they were surprised to discover that in many cases, those entitled to claim such lost funds were often entirely unaware that the assets existed to begin with. This was the launch-point for Lauth Investigations International, and the origin of the Claim Researcher role. From that moment, each new Claim Researcher set out to draw clear and conclusive lines between unclaimed funds and their deserving beneficiaries, allowing the two to finally be reunited.

A More Free Way of Working Within the Post-Covid Landscape

The Claim Researchers team at Lauth International perform this important task with guidance from headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, this is a role that can suit self-motivated and autonomy-loving professionals wherever they may be located within the US. Many Claim Researchers undertake their work to return lost assets from a virtual office at home.

Each Claim Researcher enjoys the opportunity to establish their own schedule and coordinate their workload, as reflected in the review of one Lauth Investigations employee on GlassDoor: “I enjoy my work and love working from home. The people are super and I have a good work/life balance.” If that speaks to you, why not begin your own investigation and uncover whether you possess the right qualities to take on this unusual and rewarding role?

Why Work as a Claim Researcher for Lauth Investigations

Those joining the team at Lauth Investigations International step into the fold of an established reputation that speaks for itself. Since the inception of the Asset Return division, Claim Researchers have successfully facilitated the return of more than $15 Million in lost assets with a 98% success rate. No doubt, much of this accomplishment can be attributed to the company’s value-driven and team oriented approach—not to mention the caliber of the investigative team themselves.

Working in the claim research field means entering a line of work that is both recession-proof and flexible. Home office tax deductions and incentive programs further enhance the appeal of this sales only commission role. While excellent computer literacy and communication skills are essential, it is qualities such as diligence, drive, and curiosity that define those ideal for this type of work. Lauth Investigations provide full training—allowing new additions to our team to quickly cultivate expertise in genealogy, document procurement, relevant legalities, and even locating heirs around the globe.

If this sounds like a job that could offer you the freedom and independence you seek, we invite you to explore a career with Lauth Investigations further.

Claim Researcher Roles Strike the Perfect Balance Between Professional Independence and Genuine Connection

Claim Researcher Roles Strike the Perfect Balance Between Professional Independence and Genuine Connection

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have gotten used to working from home. While some might have found themselves itching to get back to the office, others have fully embraced the perks of a more flexible way of living. Being able to work from home often comes with the luxury of being able to redefine our working hours, spend more time with family, and even explore new interests and hobbies. The counter balance within this equation is that remote work often involves feeling more isolated from others—but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Claim Researchers at Lauth Investigations experience the best of both worlds, as they dive into a flexible and self-driven commission only sales role that brings them into contact with an array of clients, and the embrace of a large supporting team of equally motivated professionals. At the Return Assets division of Lauth Investigations International, our business is reuniting individuals with lost assets—of which, at times, they may not even be aware—which means that we get to be a positive presence within the lives of every client we encounter.

Becoming Part of the Lauth Investigations Family

At the heart of everything we do is a powerful drive to uncover the truth, dig for the details, and deliver justice to our clients. In the case of recovering unclaimed funds, this can mean tasks as varied as tracing heirs across the globe, investigating genealogy, and tracking down all manner of documentation. In order to achieve these goals, each Claim Researcher harnesses modern technology in order to collate their cases and stay in contact with the team via electronic workspaces.

While a background in commission only sales work—or another field relevant to the nature of the Claim Researcher role—can be an advantage, successful candidates will receive all the in-depth training required to cultivate expertise in navigating the complexities of returning assets to their rightful owners. In addition, they move into a career that offers access to potential tax deductions and incentive programs, alongside the flexibility and autonomy that can leave them free to curate their own lives.

Real Value in the Work Of a Claim Researcher

Having long worked in the field of Private Investigations, in 2012, Thomas and Rain Lauth were disturbed to discover that various entities across the United States were holding over $58 billion in unrecovered assets. Those unclaimed funds held the potential to pay people’s college fees, their home maintenance, or their healthcare—fundamentally, these lost assets should be changing lives and circulating within the US economy, rather than waiting in limbo.

Realizing that the offices and agencies holding such funds lacked the means to investigate and uncover the rightful owners of those lost assets, the concept of Lauth Investigations International was born. Thomas and Rain established an HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, making it their mission to begin joining the dots between lost capital and rightful owners all over the country. Fast forward to today, and the Claim Researcher team at Lauth Investigations continues to grow—as does the pool of assets requiring their attention. To date, our team has successfully returned $15M+ in assets with a 98% success rate. Despite so many victories, the calling of the Claim Researcher remains as relevant as ever, and represents an undertaking that will always be essential.

Be Part of a Team That Set Their Own Destiny

As with any commission only sales role, achieving success as a Claim Researcher requires an abundance of personal drive, a passion for achievement, and a keen eye for attention to detail. Those characterized by these key qualities are well equipped to thrive on the path of this rewarding, diverse, and stimulating career.

“As a Claim Researcher I am able to work remotely anywhere and still allow needed family time. Several opportunities to move within this fast growing company. The work is interesting and involves a vast amount of internet research with Genealogy.” – A Lauth Investigations reviewer on GlassDoor

If you possess the motivated spirit and compassionate nature that would make you a great fit for the Claim Researcher role, why not explore our current openings and learn more about a career with Lauth Investigations International. Coordinated from our Indianapolis base, you can work from home while positively impacting the lives of others. Your future clients await!

How Vulnerability Strengthens Teams and Leaders

How Vulnerability Strengthens Teams and Leaders

Fear of Failure Limits Our Courage

Brené Brown is a renowned researcher, speaker, and professor who has spent the past sixteen years studying courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame. Brown is the author of four books: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and Braving the Wilderness. Dr. Brown describes her bottom line: “I believe that vulnerability—the willingness to be “all in” even when you know it can mean failing and hurting—is brave.

In business, there’s often a delineation between what we would choose to do in our personal lives because the stakes are deemed higher, more people are involved, including the precious ego but most importantly, the fear of failure which limits and constricts our courage. In her book Rising Strong, Brené describes a situation in which Andrew, a sales manager of an advertising agency, finds himself in a predicament where he had to make a very tough choice personally and professionally—one that would impact not just him individually and potentially his career and livelihood but the livelihood of  a department and the agency.

Andrew was in charge of a sales team going after a very large advertising account. Everything was on the line for the business to win this account and they invested many months’ worth of work going after the account and preparing for the agency review meeting. The night before the presentation, Andrew discovers an unethical situation about the brand they are vying for and wrestles that evening and the following morning with the most difficult decision in his career. Ultimately, Andrew made the decision to pass on the presentation. After the initial fire storm died down, the unethical brand made the needed changes, apologized for their unscrupulous tactics, and Andrew’s team won the account a few months later but of course Andrew didn’t know any of this when he made the decision to back out at the very last minute—something that frightened him and using one of Dr. Brown’s words, was one of the biggest “rumbles” of his career.

An excerpt from Dr. Brene Brown, Rising Strong

People who wade into discomfort and vulnerabilities and tell the truth about their stories are the real bad asses. I think this is why I appreciate Andrew’s story so much. Here’s a person, a leader, who didn’t have to own anything. He could have shifted the blame to his own team or to the brand’s disrespectful team. Instead he had the courage to feel shame, feel pain, to reach out and be vulnerable with a friend, and to own his part and stand in front of his team and be accountable.

The delta between “I am a screw up” and “I screwed up” may look small but in fact it’s huge. Many of us will spend our entire lives trying to slog through the shame swamp land to get to a place where we can be both imperfect and to believe we are enough.

Having the courage to own our mistakes, screwups, and failures, and to embed these key learnings from these rumbles into our lives, our families, and our organizations yields the same results as adding nutrient-reach humus into soil: it brings growth and new vitality.

Reflection and Application

Being vulnerable means that we go all out in our endeavors knowing that our intentions are good but sometimes we fall down and “screw up”. These screw ups as Brené calls them, are really our steering points to developing a better self, a better employee, a better company, and better citizens. As Dr. Brown imparts, we need to do a better job of bridging the gap between what we pursue in personal development and how we make decisions in our professional world and be equally brave in our professional lives as we are in our personal lives.

I encourage you in your day-to-day work duties to consider how being vulnerable may help you to achieve better outcomes, nurture relationships, and overall improve your output.

Further Reading

I’m a voracious reader and if you haven’t read any of Brené Brown’s work, I highly recommend you check out  her books and her website, as she’s one of the most inspiring writers I’ve read in a while. If you struggle to finish books or “find time” to read, here’s a link to a book summary which does a really good job summarizing the book for the time-crunched individual who values a great message. For additional information on Dr. Brené Brown, check out her site.

I dare you to be vulnerable and incorporate vulnerability to overcome the notion that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but instead a strength and an outward sign that you are indeed brave.

by Jena Taylor