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When you need help finding an heir or proving heirship in matters of estate, probate, or other financial matters, Lauth Investigations International is the heir finder for you Lauth Investigations International has always prided itself on being the best in comprehensive intelligence services. As an innovative family-owned business, we are always striving to expand our catalogue of services to best serve both individuals and corporations both in the United States and abroad. Our clientele is diverse with specialized needs, and our brand of due-diligence and integrity ensures our clients are getting the context they need. Lauth will now be applying that same brand of excellence to a new line of heir location services that can benefit attorneys, corporations, and private citizens.

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Is your client hoping to lay claim to their rightful assets?
Are you looking to conduct a global heir search?

Daily, the amount of unrecovered assets increases worldwide. The Lauth Investigations team leverages the fortitude and know-how of our Return Assets Division to help individuals receive what is rightfully theirs.

Our extensive worldwide research capabilities allow us to certify ownership for families, corporations, heirs, and lawyers — and we do so in a timely and efficient process!


Lauth can help

Receive the Clarity You’re Looking For:

When vetting heir search companies or seeking to prove heirship, you’ll need to ensure you’re getting the best in the business top-tier investigative professionals know how to locate heirs and search out concealed or hard-to-find information. Lauth Investigations gives our clients access to the experts — qualified heir finders with the tools to launch a detailed investigation that’s far more thorough than anything you could ever undergo on your own.

With a recovery plan in hand, Lauth serves as the independent party to vouch for assets, heirship, and estate details that law firms need to move forward with their cases and to service their clients. We’re adept at the process, confident in our skills, and here to do the legwork.

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What Can Lauth Return Assets Heir Search Help you with?

Lauth has been bringing verified, comprehensive intelligence to its clients for over 30 years. Because we’re always searching for new disciplines where we can apply our intelligence services, our catalogue of services has grown and expanded exponentially over the years. That is why our CEO and founder, Thomas Lauth began to move the company into asset recovery over ten years ago.

The amount of unrecovered assets only continues to grow globally. To mitigate the total amount of growing assets, Lauth Investigations International formed the Return Assets Division—a specific division of the business dedicated to employing the most qualified professionals to help put unrecovered assets back in the hands of our claimants. Through a diligent chain of operations, our claim researchers confirm certification of ownership for families, corporations, heirs, and lawyers, and guide them through the process of staking claim to their unrecovered assets. With the addition of our heir location services, our genealogists and researchers can get the clarification required to move forward in matters both personal and corporate.

Heir Search Services with Lauth Return Assets Division

Lauth can help

Our Heir Search Services

  • Heir search services nationwide
  • Genealogy research
  • Verification or completion of third-party genealogical research.
  • Vital record searches and documentation of heirship
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Family tree with detailed report

Lauth Return Assets 

The Heir Search Process

  • No money up front
  • We absorb the costs associated with proving heirship
  • Only when the estate is distributed will we receive a percentage
  • If you don’t receive your money—you don’t pay.
  • Our team locates all the necessary documentation to prove heirship and regularly updates the claimant.


Lauth seeks to set itself apart from other heir search companies by providing clarified intelligence that attorneys can count on to meet their clients’ needs.

  • We exercise due-diligence in ensuring all heirs are on record.
  • We secure all documentation necessary for proving heirship
  • Attorneys retain piece of mind in the quality of their casework.

Do you need to prove heirship or find heirs?

Our genealogists will create a family tree and detailed report, along with obtaining any documents to prove their findings at an hourly rate. In the case of estate handling, will execution, or other matters of succession, Lauth can provide a variety of key services, such as heir location or beneficiary location.

Our team is versed in succession laws throughout the nation, and use our vast resources to secure and document all verifiable information to prove heirship.

Our methodology is backed up by the quality of our genealogical research and our glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and scores of testimonials from our grateful clients.

Heir Search for Lawyers


Our parents separated when my brother and I were 8 and 10 years old. We hadn’t seen our father since then. The team at Lauth Investigations were able to find our father and we were able to reconnect with him after 23 years! It has brought some long-needed closure to our family.


My siblings and I were separated since we were young, and I was adopted to another family while my siblings remain with our father. After 25 years, I got a phone call from LII and not only that LII located all my siblings for me, and they also located assets from insurance policy that left to us by our mother. We were able to reunite our long-lost family because of LII and Thank you so much for bringing us together again.


All four of us were adopted by our parents. Our mother was our only connection. When she passed away, we all went our separate ways. I then received a call from Lauth Investigations regarding some unclaimed funds in my mother’s name. After explaining that I had not spoken to, seen or even knew where my siblings were located or if they were even alive, I was told that my family history would be researched. I was filled with shock and awe that Lauth was able to find my siblings and that one of them lived close by! Thanks to the Lauth Team, I finally knew and was able to speak to my brothers for the first time in years. I will always be grateful to Lauth for reuniting me with my siblings.

Return Assets investigations

Carry Out Field Investigations

Both private citizens and attorneys are often in need of in-person verification as to whether or not a particular large asset is housed or present in a certain location. Lauth deploys through surveillance and field operations to identify these items and provide comprehensive reporting on the status of these assets.

Utilize an Independent Third Party

Professional asset investigations provide a crucial measure of validity to any asset search case. All legal pursuits come with built-in biases on the part of individuals with monetary claims. Because claimants possess clear financial motives, Lauth recognizes our role in upholding the integrity of their cases. We have no major stake in the results of an investigation. Our objectivity, therefore, helps parties provide ethical, impartial proof of ownership should the search outcome play out in their favor.

Why work with Lauth Investigations’
Return Assets Division?

For years, Lauth Investigations has brought verified intelligence to our clients and markedly grown our selection of services. As experts in all heir search services and asset recovery, we offer our clients an incalculable resource for meeting their investigating needs. Lauth provides your agency or firm with:

  • Flat fees for heir searching
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Niche specialists including genealogists and skip tracers on staff
  • 30 year of experience locating missing persons

As unrecovered assets continue to increase, Lauth’s Return Assets Division is exclusively dedicated to staffing the most highly qualified professionals to elevate our missing heirs search efforts and secure results for our claimants. Take advantage of our efficient chain of operations and vetted claim researchers. We’re eager to confirm certifications of ownership and assist you in your case today.


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