What Exactly Do Heir Search Firms Do?

What Exactly Do Heir Search Firms Do?

What Exactly Do Heir Search Firms Do?

It’s a thrilling thing to imagine: Out of the blue, one day you receive a phone call to say that you’re entitled to a substantial inheritance that you knew nothing about. It may seem like a far-fetched idea but, surprisingly, data suggests that as many as one out of every ten individuals has unrecovered assets somewhere out there in the ether. These may be in the form of an estranged estate, life insurance proceeds, uncashed dividends, or dormant accounts—and many more examples.

When it comes to tracking those who are rightfully entitled to unclaimed assets of some form or another, heir search and genealogy firms are the ones who take up the task of connecting the dots. In the case of estates, trusts, or guardianships, an attorney or administrator may be diligently endeavoring to locate and identify the heirs in question—but they often have their work cut out for them.

Looking back across the last fifteen years, of the billions of dollars worth of unrecovered assets that wait patiently in America to be united with their rightful owners, only around 5% have been released. When the scope of the task exceeds the capacity of those on the front lines, an heir search investigator may be called upon to step in.

What It Means to Conduct and Heir Search

When discussing heir search assistance, the term investigator is certainly on the nose. This is because conducting a successful heir search usually means sleuthing through all manner of documentation, and chasing leads wherever they may carry the case at hand. Valuable capacities such as intricate training in investigative research and the licensure required to delve into databases—those usually reserved for authority agencies—mean that qualified heir search investigators can quickly pull together jigsaw puzzle pieces that their clients cannot access.

Of course, an heir search usually has two facets. The first is to identify any and all heirs or beneficiaries to which an unclaimed asset rightfully belongs. The second is to successfully locate and initiate communication with that person or those persons. In the name of the former an heir search firm will likely conduct a genealogy investigation. In the case of the latter, making a connection may be simple, but at times, conducting geographical—and sometimes even international—searches for heirs can become complex.

What is a Genealogy Investigation?

The type of genealogical research conducted by an heir search firm is also sometimes known as forensic genealogy. It involves accessing an array of verified genealogy and record databases in order to build a complete and comprehensive family tree. In the case of heirships, this allows all who are entitled to inheritance to be successfully identified.

When families have become estranged, assets have sat in trust or under guardianship, or they have been held as lost assets for some time, the path that leads to rightful heirs or claimants can be anything but clear. In inheritance cases, a genealogy investigation can shine a light on who might reap the benefits of the release of those assets—this can be particularly pertinent in adoption cases. When a rightful claim is due outside of the family, an heir investigator will instead strive to fully document the thread that ties that individual to the estate in question.

With Puzzle Pieces in Place, What Happens Next?

Once an heir search investigator has uncovered all of the information required, more still remains to be done. A prosperous claim requires absolute due-diligence, and an air-tight case that presents the facts in a clear and legally versed manner. This is the juncture at which heir search assistance transitions into forging a well-rounded presentation of intelligence that will meet the requirements of probate, of the entity holding assets deemed lost, or of the court overseeing an heirship or beneficiary claim.

In this phase of the heir search process, fluency in the legal ins and outs of succession are essential. An heir search investigator should be able to provide any attorney with absolute confidence in the integrity of their casework, and may be called upon to provide expert witness testimony before a judge. When acting on behalf of a client hoping to inherit, they may also serve as a liaison with law firms and officials, or provide high-caliber referrals to ensure that the final stages of the asset return journey are met with just reward.

Discover the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations

Lauth Investigations is proud to provide an umbrella-like scope of investigative services, captained by seasoned private investigator Thomas Lauth and his wife Rain. With a phenomenal track record spanning more than three decades, the Lauth empire encompasses Missing Person Investigations, Private Investigations, and all manner of Corporate Investigations. In 2012, the couple launched their Return Assets Division with the intent that they would be able to make that very thrilling idea—getting that unexpected phone call—a reality for individuals and families across America.

Since the inception of the Return Assets Division, the Lauths and their highly skilled team have aided rightful owners and heirs in the retrieval of more than $15 million of assets, with a 98% rate of success. In testament to these credentials, the Return Assets Division often work on a contingency fee basis, so the client only pays for their services after receiving the assets they are due.
Drawing upon their exceptionally broad skill set and the broader Lauth pool of resources, the Return Assets team are able to scale every heir search investigation as needed, both in terms of man-power and locational scope. Simultaneously, their extensive investigative experience ensures an ever-swift, communicative, and adept service—as reflected in their glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you’d like to know more, explore their Heir Search Services further, or contact the heir search team today.

Why Are Heir Search and Genealogy Specialists So Essential?

Why Are Heir Search and Genealogy Specialists So Essential?

Why Are Heir Search and Genealogy Specialists So Essential?

For those who have never directly experienced how complex inheritance and asset distribution can become, it’s easy to imagine that the process is always straightforward. A loved one passes away, and their nearest and dearest receive a bequeathed portion of the estate left behind—seems simple enough. However, in a surprising number of cases, heirs can remain undiscovered and assets unclaimed, gathering dust when they might be helping a family to put youngsters through college or complete a much-needed home renovation.

For international heir search specialists Thomas and Rain Lauth—the couple behind the multi-faceted Lauth Investigations family—the reality of the number of people left unaware of their rightful assets was a shock. Curiosity revealed the extent of the problem: today, over $58 billion of unrecovered assets wait patiently to be reunited with their destined owners, held by various entities across the US.

The simple fact is that in more complex cases, those overseeing probate and trust distribution lack the heir search and genealogy resources to track down distant and oblivious heirs. Meanwhile, the amount of unrecovered assets continues to increase year-by-year. This makes the skill set of seasoned investigators who are able to locate and unite all relevant parties an indispensable asset of an entirely different kind.

Providing Essential Services for Complex Estates and Trusts

For administrators and attorneys at the helm of complex estates or trusts, unidentified or unlocated heirs can make the assistance of an optimally versed heir search investigator essential. In these cases, asset return specialists will perform tasks such as conducting in-depth genealogy research—sometimes referred to as genetic genealogy—to build a comprehensive, documented, and confirmed family tree so that no heir is left unaccounted for.

As heirs are revealed and the investigation comes to a close, all of the evidence gathered will be presented with the specific stipulations of the legal process in mind—and heir search assistance may extend to providing expert testimony before a judge. This ensures  provision of not only the information required for vested parties, but also the peace of mind that comes with assured due-diligence, well-rounded casework, and a legally versed collaborator.

Fulfilling a Vital Role for Heirs Left Unaware

There is some comfort in knowing that dedicated estate overseers may be searching for you when there are assets in the world that are rightfully yours, but what happens when resources have been exhausted, and the search is discontinued? In this area, when heir search and genealogy firms become aware of assets that remain unanchored, they make it their mission to find and notify those who have been left in the dark.

In these cases, the heir search investigator is hired by the heir, rather than the estate in question, and performs the role of demonstrating the legality and validity of their claim. Extending far beyond reaching out to estranged heirs, high-caliber heir search assistance will also include identifying the unique claim requirements of the entity holding the asset, the gathering and notarizing of documents or court-certified approved records; the provision of necessary legal referrals; and liaising with courts, property administrators, and probate lawyers on the client’s behalf.

The Task-Specific Skills of a Qualified Heir Search Investigator

A  fully licensed and qualified investigative firm of this nature should of course be able to dip into a toolkit that their clients simply cannot. This will include having the state licensure required to explore leads within the same verified databases that are used by law enforcement and government agencies, as well as access to an extensive network of third-party specialists, ever-ready to meet the evolving needs of each case. When the case calls for it, your investigator should be ready to head out into the field—be it to confirm an asset’s location or status, or pursue locating an heir either nationally or internationally.

It is also important to note that the navigation of asset distribution can be laden with emotional weight for those impacted—even when their outcome is both favorable and unexpected. The years of experience drawn upon by true heir search and genealogy specialists means that they can offer an objective and integral presence within any asset search case that holds every stage of the process to an ethical and impartial standard.

Choosing an Established and Trusted Heir Search and Genealogy Investigator

In 2012, Thomas and Rain launched the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations in response to what they had discovered. Through this, they unfurled a new branch of investigative specialization, building upon a decades-long background in searching for Missing Persons internationally, and carrying out both Private and Corporate Investigations for a vast array of clients
Since the inception of the Return Asset Division, the Lauths and their team have aided in the recovery of more than $15 million in assets on behalf of heirs, attorneys, and estate or trust administrators, with a staggering 98% success rate. This can be attributed to the mature skill set with which they entered this niche investigative field, and their determination to retain a deeply person-oriented approach to clients and team alike, no matter how far their investigative family grows. If you would like to know more about what the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations can do for you or your client, learn more about their Heir Search Services, or contact the team today.

What to Look For When Hiring an Heir Search and Genealogy Firm

What to Look For When Hiring an Heir Search and Genealogy Firm

What to Look For When Hiring an Heir Search and Genealogy Firm

Whether you are an attorney or administrator seeking assistance in tracking down an heir, or you are simply someone who has recently been notified that you may be entitled to unclaimed assets, how can you be certain that the firm before you possesses the skill and integrity to warrant your trust?

In recent years, an increasing number of heir search companies have popped up advertising their services. However, the fully-rounded toolkit required to complete comprehensive heir searches and genealogy investigations is not something that can be built overnight. Here, we will delve into the indicators that set a reputable firm apart from the rest. With these points in mind, you will be able to choose a collaborator that will provide heir search assistance upon which you can rely.

A Proven and Public Track-Record

If the task of identifying and locating heirs was always a simple one, then the world would not see the scale of unclaimed assets that it does today. Staggeringly, tens of billions of unclaimed assets sit in limbo because those initially assigned to identifying their rightful owners were unable to see their role through to completion.

This may indicate that a lack of initial resources drew the search to a premature close, or it may simply indicate that those responsible for completing the task have come up against substantial hurdles! These are the moments within which an heir search investigator might step in—but, as you can no doubt imagine, that means that an extensive level of experience and understanding will be required in order to achieve success where others have not.

Pursuing a successful claim against assets that are currently adrift means building a clear and unquestionable picture through information gathering and documentation. An heir search investigator will work alongside a genealogy specialist who can research and form a full family tree, so that no heir is left unaccounted for—or they may possess the skills to perform both tasks, depending on the magnitude of the investigation.

The firm you choose should hold state licensure that will enable them to dive into the verified databases used by law enforcement and government agencies to uncover the information that will aid in the completion of that picture. Your partnership with a heir search investigator should also serve as a direct connection to any third-party specialists that your unique case may require. Finally, the credentials of the firm of your choosing should extend far beyond their own website. Look for reviews and testimonials, a wider online presence and, crucially, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The Capacity to Scale Investigations as Necessary

An heir search can, at times, become more complex that it at first appeared. Beyond identifying those to whom assets may be due, an heir search investigator’s role may extend to carrying out field work on a national or even international scale. It may also require liaising with a broad range of legal entities and authorities.

Of course, heir search assistance should always be enacted with efficiency in mind, but there is value in knowing that your firm of choice is not only ready and able to scale if you require it, but also highly experienced in doing so. Consider factors such as the scale of resources at your chosen firm’s fingertips, their capacity to dispatch investigators, and to provide multilingual support staff where necessary.

A Complete Understanding of Legal Aspects

The act of making a successful claim upon any asset is fundamentally a legal one. Knowing that you or your client are a rightful heir is not enough—proof is required. As such, a key aspect of any heir search and genealogy firm’s spectrum of talents must be carrying out due-diligence when it comes to providing every necessary piece of documentation.

Going further, not only should your chosen collaborator be ready to collate and present all information in a format that suits court proceedings or the filing of a claim with an asset holding entity, but they should also be adept at providing witness testimony in court, should the need arise. The better your heir search investigator understands the specific requirements that the presented case must meet, they better able they will be to ensure a just reward for you or your client.

A Transparent and Integral Approach to Communication

From the moment your relationship begins with any heir search investigator, you as their client should perfectly know the lay of the land. This begins with transparency in regard to the costs associated with proving heirship, and no upfront fees for core services rendered.

Reputable firms will work on a contingency basis, absorbing costs as the case progresses, and only receiving the pre-agreed fee upon successful recovery of the asset or successful identification of all heirs sought. Depending on the nature of the investigation, costs may be charged at a flat rate, an hourly rate, or on a percentage basis—whichever may be the case, you should be able to enjoy the confidence of knowing where you stand from day one.

The heir search assistance you require may simply come in the form of geneology research and records searches, or it may span into the realms of expert witness testimony or far-flung field investigations. Whether a single investigator or an entire team are working busily on your behalf, updates should be forthcoming at every step of the journey.

Heir Search and Genealogy Investigations from Lauth’s Return Assets Division

Drawing upon decades of investigative experience, the skilled operatives here within the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations place due-diligence and integrity and the forefront of everything we do. We work tirelessly to restore assets to their rightful owners, providing peace of mind for heirs, attorneys, and administrators alike as they navigate the successful dissemination of estates, trust and guardianships. Learn more about our Heir Search Services, or contact our team today.

Stimulate Your Mind With The Ever-Compelling Work of a Claim Researcher

Stimulate Your Mind With The Ever-Compelling Work of a Claim Researcher

While some people are satisfied working the usual 9-5, not all of us are happy with the drudgery of a menial office job or thankless sales role. Some of us—today so, more than ever—are increasingly dreaming of a career that reflects our personal values, while giving us the opportunity to work from home, choose our own hours, or perhaps even travel the world. If you are highly self driven and adept in commission only sales work, the role of a Claim Researcher at Lauth Investigations may be just the position you’ve been searching for.

Of course, having undertaken the sleuthing required to find your way here, you’ve already demonstrated one of the key qualities required for the role. Our Claim Researchers make it their mission to plunge into proactive investigation in order to unite lost assets with their rightful owners, which makes curiosity the order of the day. If the thought of such a rewarding endeavor appeals, read on to learn more.

The Unique Skill Set Mastered by a Claim Researcher

If you are the type of person who likes to dig beneath the surface and dive into the details, then a Claim Researcher job could well be your perfect fit. Those new to the role will learn how to conduct genealogy and historical research, successfully procure documents and certificates worldwide, and potentially seek out lost heirs around the globe. Such tasks require a keen and roving mind, a desire to problem solve, and the professionalism to work under the strictest of confidence.

Claim Researchers from Lauth Investigations have, since the division’s inception in 2013, successfully united rightful owners with $15M+ in lost assets. Not only that, but our 98% success rate can be attributed to the caliber of our Claim Researchers, and our dedication to train, empower, and support each member of our team so that they can uncover entire amounts, and change lives in the process. Lauth Investigations has so far worked with thousands of individuals and Fortune 500 Companies alike. In facilitating financial justice for all, we create meaningful career paths for those driven to have a real impact.

Why The World Needs Claim Researchers

You may be surprised to learn that there are currently tens of billions of dollars in unclaimed funds within the United States alone. While the offices and agencies that hold such sums  do their best to locate and return assets where possible, they simply lack the resources to manage the volume of assets presently adrift.

For commission only sales motivated Claim Researchers, sometimes clients come to us, and sometimes, we are able to go to them. Lauth Investigations have found that often individuals are not even aware that they may be entitled to unclaimed funds—providing us with the chance to unexpectedly transform their lives for the better. This aspect of the work, alongside the opportunity to grow and learn, is unquestionably what makes it such a uniquely rewarding pursuit. As one employee shared in their review of Lauth Investigations on GlassDoor: “The work is great and I have learned so much, but nothing beats a happy client.

Returning Lost Assets to Their Rightful Owners

A career as a Claim Researcher presents the opportunity to create the lifestyle you desire, while experiencing a new and exciting type of commission only sales role. While the Lauth Investigations head-quarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Claim Researchers enjoy the autonomy of being able to work remotely, setting their own schedule, and forging the work-life balance that they desire.

Meanwhile, the job also means entering a recession-proof market, performing stimulating investigations, and tapping into consistent earning potential. If you believe that you have the drive and discipline to master returning assets and engaging with clients through this important work, discover more about Careers at Lauth Investigation

Working as a Claim Researcher Means Making Your Claim on a Career Fueled by Compassion

Working as a Claim Researcher Means Making Your Claim on a Career Fueled by Compassion

It takes a special sort of person to thrive within the fast-paced world of commission only sales work. Candidates have to be passionate, self-driven, and organized, making them talented professionals indeed. For many with this precious skill set, the types of sales roles to choose from often leave fuel for the imagination somewhat lacking. What if we could turn our talents to a task with a human element at its core—something that transformed lives for the better, while providing the daily satisfaction that comes with a job well done?

Claim Researchers at Lauth Investigations undertake one of those rare compassion-fueled jobs, as they strive to reunite lost assets with people who may not even realize they have a right to unclaimed funds in the first place. Our network of diligent Claim Researchers are coordinated out of Lauth HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana—although many of them work remotely, either from home or on the go. Could this flexible, rewarding, and fundamentally humanity-centric career path be your true calling?

How A Claim Researcher Can Make a Difference
Since the early 1940s, certain offices and government agencies have taken responsibility for retaining assets that have become lost to their destined owners for one reason or another. Over the decades, these sums have amassed towards the present point at which tens of billions of unclaimed assets are now tragically moored, awaiting the opportunity to be reunited with their rightful owners. Whether forgotten bank accounts, undisclosed inheritance, or orphaned 401(k)s, investigating and tracing those who are missing such funds is too large a task for the agencies and offices responsible.

Independent Return Asset investigators—including each and every Claim Researcher at Lauth Investigations—take on the important role of putting the puzzle pieces together. They serve clients trying to uncover the fate of their lost assets, or investigate the origins of unclaimed funds in order to release them from limbo. In doing so, our Claim Researcher team change lives for the better, and get to experience the thrill of informing those unaware that their financial landscape is about to change. In contrast to cliched commission only sales roles that require leaving clients poorer, working as a Claim Researcher means the satisfaction of being able to ensure that every successful case leaves a client better off.

A Professional Path to Becoming Self Driven and Self Actualized

Few professions are more rewarding than those that allow us to make a big impact and meet a genuine societal need. Every year, even more assets are designated as lost or unclaimed, making the work of a Claim Researcher both valuable and necessary whether the economy is booming or in recession. Those choosing this career path claim the opportunity not only to do meaningful work, but also to take charge of building their own success—selecting their own work schedule and office location, and setting their own targets.

The base of operations for the Return Assets division of Lauth Investigations is in Indianapolis, Indiana, and while we welcome local applicants, many among our Claim Researcher team work remotely and on a flexible basis. This division has been in operation since 2012, however Lauth Investigations is a far older family run business that also specializes in missing persons cases and corporate investigations. As one employee shared, joining the team means becoming part of that larger family:

“I’ve been with Lauth Investigations International for 2 years and it’s by far the best place I’ve ever worked. I feel so supported by my team. Everyone here is friendly and caring, it’s the perfect balance of fun and professional.” – GlassDoor

What Lauth Investigations Is Looking for in Claim Researcher Candidates

While the skill set required for this kind of job is specific, the ideal candidates may come from a variety of different backgrounds. Successful applicants will need to be online, have computer access and proficiency, a working phone line, and the aptitude to carefully manage and coordinate a range of computer files. Excellent communication skills, professionalism, and the capacity to work autonomously are also vital for this role.

In reward for these efforts, Claim Researchers enjoy training and team support, potential tax deductions, and access to incentive programs that reward performance directly. Above all else, they enter a role that touches the lives of Americans and transforms them for the better. If you believe that this sounds like your calling, explore our Careers pages to learn more and find out how to apply.