Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have gotten used to working from home. While some might have found themselves itching to get back to the office, others have fully embraced the perks of a more flexible way of living. Being able to work from home often comes with the luxury of being able to redefine our working hours, spend more time with family, and even explore new interests and hobbies. The counter balance within this equation is that remote work often involves feeling more isolated from others—but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Claim Researchers at Lauth Investigations experience the best of both worlds, as they dive into a flexible and self-driven commission only sales role that brings them into contact with an array of clients, and the embrace of a large supporting team of equally motivated professionals. At the Return Assets division of Lauth Investigations International, our business is reuniting individuals with lost assets—of which, at times, they may not even be aware—which means that we get to be a positive presence within the lives of every client we encounter.

Becoming Part of the Lauth Investigations Family

At the heart of everything we do is a powerful drive to uncover the truth, dig for the details, and deliver justice to our clients. In the case of recovering unclaimed funds, this can mean tasks as varied as tracing heirs across the globe, investigating genealogy, and tracking down all manner of documentation. In order to achieve these goals, each Claim Researcher harnesses modern technology in order to collate their cases and stay in contact with the team via electronic workspaces.

While a background in commission only sales work—or another field relevant to the nature of the Claim Researcher role—can be an advantage, successful candidates will receive all the in-depth training required to cultivate expertise in navigating the complexities of returning assets to their rightful owners. In addition, they move into a career that offers access to potential tax deductions and incentive programs, alongside the flexibility and autonomy that can leave them free to curate their own lives.

Real Value in the Work Of a Claim Researcher

Having long worked in the field of Private Investigations, in 2012, Thomas and Rain Lauth were disturbed to discover that various entities across the United States were holding over $58 billion in unrecovered assets. Those unclaimed funds held the potential to pay people’s college fees, their home maintenance, or their healthcare—fundamentally, these lost assets should be changing lives and circulating within the US economy, rather than waiting in limbo.

Realizing that the offices and agencies holding such funds lacked the means to investigate and uncover the rightful owners of those lost assets, the concept of Lauth Investigations International was born. Thomas and Rain established an HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, making it their mission to begin joining the dots between lost capital and rightful owners all over the country. Fast forward to today, and the Claim Researcher team at Lauth Investigations continues to grow—as does the pool of assets requiring their attention. To date, our team has successfully returned $15M+ in assets with a 98% success rate. Despite so many victories, the calling of the Claim Researcher remains as relevant as ever, and represents an undertaking that will always be essential.

Be Part of a Team That Set Their Own Destiny

As with any commission only sales role, achieving success as a Claim Researcher requires an abundance of personal drive, a passion for achievement, and a keen eye for attention to detail. Those characterized by these key qualities are well equipped to thrive on the path of this rewarding, diverse, and stimulating career.

“As a Claim Researcher I am able to work remotely anywhere and still allow needed family time. Several opportunities to move within this fast growing company. The work is interesting and involves a vast amount of internet research with Genealogy.” – A Lauth Investigations reviewer on GlassDoor

If you possess the motivated spirit and compassionate nature that would make you a great fit for the Claim Researcher role, why not explore our current openings and learn more about a career with Lauth Investigations International. Coordinated from our Indianapolis base, you can work from home while positively impacting the lives of others. Your future clients await!