Recession-Proof Your Finances While Helping Others Reclaim Theirs

Recession-Proof Your Finances While Helping Others Reclaim Theirs

As we all reflect on the economic impact recently felt during the Coronavirus pandemic—not to mention, look back on the financial crisis of 2008—it comes as no surprise that many are plotting a return to the career drawing board. There is a shared desire to avoid the vulnerability that so often comes with recession, and to reinforce personal financial positions for a future yet unknown.

While the need to reinvent oneself always presents a substantial challenge, it also offers the empowering opportunity to rethink our personal values and lifestyle-related desires. Few roles offer the work flexibility, emotional reward, and chance to learn as that of a Claim Researcher—whose work involves reuniting people with their lost assets. Here, we will explore exactly what this career path involves, the robust nature of this professional field, and the rewards available to those who go all-in for this unique commission only sales role.

Why The Role of a Claim Researcher Is Invulnerable to Recessions

Many don’t realize that billions of dollars worth of assets are currently cast adrift in the United States. These may be in the form of abandoned savings accounts, unsuccessful trust distributions, forgotten payroll checks, orphaned 401(k)s, and countless other types of unclaimed funds. For every individual who may be entirely unaware that they are entitled to a portion of those lost assets, there is likely to be college tuition to cover or bills to pay—or perhaps even the dream to re-imagine life completely if only the funds were available.

Because of the sheer scale and prevalence of these types of unanchored assets,

the work of the Claim Researcher is never done. Their role is to identify unclaimed assets and find those to whom they should be returned. Year upon year, the number of unrecovered assets continues to grow, alleviating the threat of layoffs within the Claim Researcher field. Meanwhile, professional Claim Researchers enjoy reduced tax burdens thanks to Home Office tax deductions, and incentive programs that tangibly reward performance within this commission only sales role.

The Effort to Return Assets Is More Relevant Than Ever

It’s hard to put a pin on the exact value of lost assets in the United States, although some have tried. In 2013, CNN reported that states, federal agencies and other organizations were collectively holding more than $58 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits. More recently, in 2020 Forbes shared that independent research from SmartAsset had highlighted roughly $49.5 billion in unclaimed assets across the country.

Wherever the true figure may fall, the same Forbes article also highlighted that roughly $3 billion in lost assets is successfully reclaimed each year. As the economic impact of Covid-19 continue to bite, some states are ramping up their efforts to reunite assets with their rightful owners—but due to limited resources many potential claimants will remain unaware of their camouflaged value. It is within the facilitation of these very returns that the diligent work of the Claim Researcher comes to shine in all its glory.

What We Do At Lauth Investigations

While Lauth Investigations is based in Indianapolis, Indiana—with an additional base of operations in Boulder, Colorado—crucially, our Claim Researchers enjoy working independently and remotely from all over the country. Between our Missing Persons, Corporate Investigations, and Asset Returns divisions, joining Lauth Investigations means entering a large family of highly motivated and value-driven professionals.
With an exceptional rating of 4.9 on GlassDoor, the results of our ambition to be an employer making positive strides in the world speak for themselves. One employee and reviewer speaking of Lauth Investigations shared, “Through this work, they help change lives by returning assets to their rightful owners.” If you are passionate about uncovering every stone in the name of helping others, and would like to enjoy the flexibility and recession-resistance that comes with a role as a Claim Researcher, visit our Careers page to learn more.