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“I have worked with Dana and her team for over 2 years. She helped me recover a life insurance policy my deceased uncle had. There were several complications but Dana and her team stayed with it and I received my portion of the policy a week ago. I would recommend Dana and her team.”

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My Claim Researcher worked long and hard to recover my funds…She returned calls to my family within a day! She took me step by step through the process and promptly let me know if anything else

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Christopher H.

We just received our lost assets check, and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what a great job our claim researcher did in helping us claim it. He always answered my questions and c

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Dorothy and Dan M. - Venice, CA

I had a wonderful experience. My claim researcher walked me through the process. I felt very safe with her, so now I have money I knew nothing about. Thank you from the bottom of my 79-year old heart.

Eleanor S. – South Windsor, CT

There are no words to express my gratitude for all you have done. Just wanted to tell you that your office has been very professional in all your efforts. Because of all your hard work and determinat

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Melanie N. – Rosedale, IN

Lauth found funds I didn’t even know I had, informed me, and processed my claim efficiently. Thank you!

John S. – Little Rock, AR

I was completely surprised when I received a letter from Lauth Investigations informing me that my deceased sister and I may be heirs to some lost assets. We would have never known about it. I do app

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Forrest C. – Omaha, TX

Thank you for assisting me in the successful tracking of my lost assets. As for miles and miles of distance that has made it hard to focus on my efforts to resolve, due to your company and its fine a

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Thomas P. - Richland, MS

I am writing today to let you know what a great experience I had working with Paula Douglas; Paula is both personable and professional. Throughout this entire process, she readily and promptly answer

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Steve Halprin

My Claim Researcher couldn’t have been more pleasant, kind, and helpful. At the beginning of all this I didn’t have a clue which way to go. He directed me at every turn telling me where t

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Joanne L. – Elkhart, IN

“The young lady who took care of all the work regarding trying to secure this claim could not possibly have been more patient and more kind. She kept at this endeavor through thick and thin. It tur

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Carroll C. – Georgetown, CO

“Thanks for the good news on my claims, Lauth Investigations International, Inc. has definitely made my day!”
can’t tell you how much I appreciated my claim researcher. She answered every te... Read More

Joan G. - Germantown, TN

“I can’t tell you how surprised I was to hear about a life insurance policy from our mother who has been gone for 17 years. Of course I was skeptical, but had faith and went through the p

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Donna K. - Eldridge, IA

“I would like to let you know what a wonderful experience we had. When we first got the call, we thought it was a scam but decided to return her phone call just in case it was for real. When I

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Henry C. – Wasilla, AK

I was so excited to receive a check for a stock I had long forgotten. I was skeptical when I received your first communication so I checked your company as thoroughly as I could. Thank you for your c

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Gail D. – Port Isabel, TX

I would not have known of the existence of these funds without your help. Thank you! And for all the extraneous complications, your staff was excellent – businesslike combined with caring and kindn

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Cara M. – Ipswich, MA

It was great dealing with you, very professional, timely, and good explanations on any concerns. Most of all – it wouldn’t have happened if not for your agency. It was a wonderful experience.

Nancy K. – Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for assisting me in the successful tracking of my lost assets. As for miles and miles of distance that has made it hard to focus on my efforts to resolve, due to your company and its fine a

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Thomas P. – Richland, MS

I was delighted with your firm, particularly the investigator assigned to this matter. She was the most helpful in bringing the amount owed to my firm to our attention, provided solid guidance as we

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Myles M. – Delray Beach, FL

I would like to thank Lauth Investigation International Inc. for locating loss assets that I was unaware that was out there for over twenty something years. Thank you to my claim researcher who assis

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Gwendolyn W. - Jacksonville, FL

Not only did you find some money that I didn’t know was missing within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts system but you went out of your way to make it easy for me to process the paperwork and

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Garth R. - Boston, MA

Thank you LII for bringing the lost asset to my attention. As I live in another state, you were able to locate me, cited the asset, answered my questions when I contacted you, and explained the proce

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John B. – King George, VA

Thank you so much for the money. It was really needed.

Naomi D. - Carroll, IA

Outstanding service and professionalism from the Lauth Investigations International claim researcher. She provided the necessary documentation forms, outlined in detail the required information to be

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Wesley F. – Olympia, WA

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for working to get me the money I was entitled to. You and your staff were wonderful to work with and very professional. Thank you.

Nancie P. – West Bend, WI

I wish to thank LII Inc. for making me aware of these lost assets. Had it not been brought to my attention by your firm, we would not have been able to recover them. My claim researcher was most help

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Alan J. - McPherson, KS

On behalf of our family, thank you for finding this lost treasure. Our claim researcher was most professional and congenial in assisting our journey through the dense Connecticut beaurocratic jungle.

Thomas D. - Vero Beach, FL

I have received the payment. I really appreciate your time and effort. I consider this an unexpected gift from my father and the timing couldn’t be better. This will help me finish my Bachelor

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Stella D. - Indianapolis, IN

Our claim researcher, Glen Niccone, was very professional, helpful, and courteous. He did an excellent job and we appreciate all his work.

“[Cherie B.] was wonderful in the way she explained everything…in the manner you could totally understand…felt so comfortable in talking with her.  She always called me back i

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Jarred D.

“I was skeptical at first but that was put to rest quickly with her in-depth explanations. She went over the paperwork step by step. She was there to explain what I didn’t understand. She

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Elizabeth D.

“Communication was good. The process was clearly explained. The recovery was completed as promised.”

Benjamin G.

“[Chrissy E.] was quite kind, explanatory, and helpful with the claim. She explained thoroughly on our first phone call but also sent more information via email and I felt at ease with hav

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Rafael B.

“Your kindness and professionalism have insured my six years future and made the rest of my days less worrisome.  I will always keep you in my prayers and one day may get to shake your hand and s

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Anthony R.