It takes a special sort of person to thrive within the fast-paced world of commission only sales work. Candidates have to be passionate, self-driven, and organized, making them talented professionals indeed. For many with this precious skill set, the types of sales roles to choose from often leave fuel for the imagination somewhat lacking. What if we could turn our talents to a task with a human element at its core—something that transformed lives for the better, while providing the daily satisfaction that comes with a job well done?

Claim Researchers at Lauth Investigations undertake one of those rare compassion-fueled jobs, as they strive to reunite lost assets with people who may not even realize they have a right to unclaimed funds in the first place. Our network of diligent Claim Researchers are coordinated out of Lauth HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana—although many of them work remotely, either from home or on the go. Could this flexible, rewarding, and fundamentally humanity-centric career path be your true calling?

How A Claim Researcher Can Make a Difference
Since the early 1940s, certain offices and government agencies have taken responsibility for retaining assets that have become lost to their destined owners for one reason or another. Over the decades, these sums have amassed towards the present point at which tens of billions of unclaimed assets are now tragically moored, awaiting the opportunity to be reunited with their rightful owners. Whether forgotten bank accounts, undisclosed inheritance, or orphaned 401(k)s, investigating and tracing those who are missing such funds is too large a task for the agencies and offices responsible.

Independent Return Asset investigators—including each and every Claim Researcher at Lauth Investigations—take on the important role of putting the puzzle pieces together. They serve clients trying to uncover the fate of their lost assets, or investigate the origins of unclaimed funds in order to release them from limbo. In doing so, our Claim Researcher team change lives for the better, and get to experience the thrill of informing those unaware that their financial landscape is about to change. In contrast to cliched commission only sales roles that require leaving clients poorer, working as a Claim Researcher means the satisfaction of being able to ensure that every successful case leaves a client better off.

A Professional Path to Becoming Self Driven and Self Actualized

Few professions are more rewarding than those that allow us to make a big impact and meet a genuine societal need. Every year, even more assets are designated as lost or unclaimed, making the work of a Claim Researcher both valuable and necessary whether the economy is booming or in recession. Those choosing this career path claim the opportunity not only to do meaningful work, but also to take charge of building their own success—selecting their own work schedule and office location, and setting their own targets.

The base of operations for the Return Assets division of Lauth Investigations is in Indianapolis, Indiana, and while we welcome local applicants, many among our Claim Researcher team work remotely and on a flexible basis. This division has been in operation since 2012, however Lauth Investigations is a far older family run business that also specializes in missing persons cases and corporate investigations. As one employee shared, joining the team means becoming part of that larger family:

“I’ve been with Lauth Investigations International for 2 years and it’s by far the best place I’ve ever worked. I feel so supported by my team. Everyone here is friendly and caring, it’s the perfect balance of fun and professional.” – GlassDoor

What Lauth Investigations Is Looking for in Claim Researcher Candidates

While the skill set required for this kind of job is specific, the ideal candidates may come from a variety of different backgrounds. Successful applicants will need to be online, have computer access and proficiency, a working phone line, and the aptitude to carefully manage and coordinate a range of computer files. Excellent communication skills, professionalism, and the capacity to work autonomously are also vital for this role.

In reward for these efforts, Claim Researchers enjoy training and team support, potential tax deductions, and access to incentive programs that reward performance directly. Above all else, they enter a role that touches the lives of Americans and transforms them for the better. If you believe that this sounds like your calling, explore our Careers pages to learn more and find out how to apply.