What Does a Claim Researcher Do?

What Does a Claim Researcher Do?

Lauth Investigations International’s Return Assets Division is a company focused on recovering your assets in a expeditious and professional manner. Our claims researchers are well trained and highly skilled to identify these assets and return it to it’s rightful owner.

According to a CNN report form 2013, there’s more than $58 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits. The report says, “That’s roughly $186 for every U.S. resident. The assets come from a variety of sources, including abandoned bank accounts and stock holdings, unclaimed life insurance payouts and forgotten pension benefits.”

At Lauth Investigations International we strive to help families across the country. As a family run business we understand the hardships families face every day in America. Our goal is to make the process of recovering your assets as quick and easy as possible. Here’s just one of many testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“Sincerely, thanks for everything. If you ever need a reference or a testimonial, let me know. Your perseverance really kept us going,” wrote Linda B. of Denver, CO. “My daughter is a single mom with a full time job and going to night school for her teacher’s certificate. I can’t tell you how much this meant to her to get this cushion money. We even took the kids to the circus last weekend on the “found” money…So, like I said, if you need a reference for someone who is skeptical (and there are so many scams out there), let me know. Thanks again, you did a terrific job.”

Part of what sets Lauth Investigations International’s Return Assets Division apart is the personal care we put into every case we handle. Claim researchers like Maria Moreland aren’t doing this job just to earn a paycheck. We are personally invested in helping families across the country.

“I left a career after 25 years that I was good at, but was burned out and bored with my everyday tasks,” Maria said when asked how she became a claims researcher. “Every day is a new adventure. The best part is I assist individuals and families in obtaining assets that are rightfully theirs and most of the time they had no idea these assets existed.”

Our Claims researchers are excellent at identifying assets people have no idea are even out there. Maybe you never collected your last paycheck from a job or it’s possible you had a deposit with a utility company that you forgot was coming before you moved. No matter how your asset was displaced, we will work with you to build a case and get your property returned to you.

After we identify your assets, we get to work building a case to prove it’s yours. The nature of the asset dictates what evidence needs to be presented to claim it. If it’s a forgotten deposit then we’ll likely need proof of your previous address. Sometimes claims require a little more elbow grease, but claim researchers like Maria are ready to heed the call.

It’s possible you have a relative you don’t know about who’s inheritance you’re entitled to. These cases revolve around proving you are related to the deceased. This is one of the more difficult claims to prove, but one Maria specializes in.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to find family members,” Maria says. “But that’s par for the course when conducting genealogy investigations.”

One example of a successful genealogy investigation is the case of Coleen W. of Martinsville, IN. Coleen and her husband had been receiving dividends’s from his deceased mother’s estate when Coleen’s husband tragically passed away.

“Six years ago, my husband passed away and I was still receiving dividends from his deceased mother’s estate, which were being sent to our address,” Coleen said. “I sent them back marked return to sender. I contacted the sender and said these dividends were not in my name and nothing could be done.”

Since the the checks from the dividends were in Coleen’s husband’s name she couldn’t cash them. This money was rightfully Coleen’s, but as happens in matters like this, clerical errors prevented her from being able to claim the funds. Fortunately our claim researchers happened across the funds and contacted Coleen to get them back to her.

“And then, six years later a case came to me from Barbara Day with Lauth Investigations and she guided me through all the paperwork that finally resulted in a happy ending. Thank you Barbara and thank you Lauth Investigations,” Coleen said.

Lauth Investigations International Return Assets Division has a long history of helping people recover what’s theirs. If you believe you have unclaimed assets out there then don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will help you just like we’ve helped so many others.