Gary M.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and sincere thanks to Lauth Investigations International and Mr. Paul Atkins, the Claim Researcher who personally handled the recovery of our family’s assets. Over the years, my family had been contacted by other investigative services offering to recover these assets, but all failed to produce results. When Mr. Atkins contacted us we were totally opposed to starting this process once again. However, Mr. Atkins’ professionalism and complete knowledge of the case replaced our skepticism with complete trust in the assurance that if the funds could be recovered, Lauth Investigations would be able to achieve it. Due to Mr. Atkin’s efforts involving months of coordination with family members, the assets were successfully transferred to the rightful owners. Again, please accept my gratitude for a job well done. Should I have need of a similar service, I will be sure to contact Lauth Investigations International.