Sarah Wikberg

Sarah Wikberg

Claims Analyst

Sarah is am Claims Analyst for Lauth Investigations International Inc. She is an avid seeker of knowledge in a multitude of areas. She enjoys knowing about and being able to do many things because she loves to learn.  Sarah has taken many classes in different areas throughout her life and have culinary, Botany, herbology, and wine knowledge to add to the many facets of knowledge in her memory banks. She obtained her Associates degree in paralegal studied in early 2018. Sarah was a late bloomer on the degree front but is proud to say she graduated with honors.

Sarah’s goals with Lauth Investigations Inc. are to continue learning and apply her knowledge in any way possible to help the team and the clients lauth serves. She believes the companies return asset division’s goal is to put money back into the hands of their owners and is something to be proud of.  Sarah works diligently knowing her role brings honor and accomplishment to herself and her family.

Sarah is a single mother of 2 young curious and playful little girls. She loves to take them camping and exploring the outdoors whenever possible. They love to do at home science projects as well. When she is not working, Sarah is trying to feed her curiosity and theirs. “The greatest joy in my life is seeing their spark ignite when something interests them”.